Montañita 2016


Montañita Playa de Ecuador

Montañita is located on the coast of Ecuador in the province of Santa Elena, on Route Spondylus. A 200 km from the city of Guayaquil. It is ideal for national and international surfers, waves arriving perfect right up to 6 meters. Surrounded by hills, and vegetation at the bottom of the sea, offering a multicultural environment, as well as a natural space. Montanita is a beach magic that enchants visitors. Many consider it a paradise.

Montañita is a tourist resort with beach and night life. It is a peaceful place, with a bohemian touch is apparent upon walking through streets where there are all kinds of bars, casual restaurants, craft vendors, parties, eco cabins and campfires.

Its great natural beauty, sandy beach surrounded by green palm trees put the exotic touch to the landscape. Its beautiful beaches, create a suitable environment for relaxation and tranquility.

It is the surfing capital of Ecuador, this quiet town is visited every summer by thousands of foreigners who want to test your so famous waves. It is well known for its national and international championships surf.

This feature is the many surfers who engaged in Ecuador and the world, transforming Montañita today in a place not only for surfing, but also a tourist resort with beach and night life, ideal for backpackers or families seeking a holiday quiet.

This small coastal town of Ecuador, is full of goodness tropical heat all year, warm sea, delicious fish, fruits and people are very warm with the passenger.

Montañita can be found in many hotels, inns and a variety of services, also has bars and restaurants that are typical and international food.

You can also sample a wide variety of seafood and seafood recipes prepared in exquisite international cuisine, as well as with their own creole seasoning. Is undoubtedly a beautiful destination that is suitable for tourists from all over the world to visit, and are amazed at its beaches and titanic waves that continually challenges the most daring to try to run a wave.